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Who we are

Jürgen Wehnert from "urbane ressources"
Jürgen Wehnert

We give advice in traffic and transport and in particular in
those areas in which information technology plays a vital role.
Or, the other way round: We advise in information technology
whenever it is important for transport.
Example RFID: Which benefits does it create from a logistics
point of view - and how are they put into practice?
Example port telematics: It can be a success only when all
parties involved provide their data - how does one achieve this?
Example security: More information increases security and
reduces it at the same time - where is the optimum?

We help to ask precise questions, just so that we can answer
them. Whenever we cannot do that on our own we co-operate
with other specifically skilled SMEs. We are fast and flexible.
That is why we are an urban (re)source: We think and act progressively,
we base our work on principles like listening, thinking
differently, flexibility, decision; a few words we do not know are
frictional loss, fussiness, overhead, inertia.

We advise in the areas of analysis, requirements,
conceptualising, specifying, tendering, project support, market
introduction, and also in the acquisition and management of
funded national and international projects and in

? You want to develop and launch a new product and need someone to support you all along? Let’s get going!

? You need to move a port organisationally closer to your warehouse or your production line? Let’s talk about it!

? Transport or supply chain security is a topic for you? So it is for us!

? You consider the EU bureaucracy a jungle? Same for us, but we have managed to cut through quite a few times!

? You believe that web services play an important role in logistics? So do we, and that is why  we are working on some of the best applications in Europe!

? Smart Cards: hype at first, then disillusion - so where are the benefits? We help you to play the right card!