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Supply Chain Security and Pirates
You remember those rough-and-ready but somehow lovable characters from old Hollywood films? All of the sudden pirates have become reality - with automatic weapons. An old problem revisited? Not quite. True, the new pirates also stem from disadvantaged groups, but those who pull the strings are modern business men possessing all state-of-the art
means and methods. Seemingly obvious solutions are not the remedy, as long as the incitements of the pirates and the resources of those pulling the strings are not being addressed.

Looking deeper instead of scratching the surface - that is what we do.


Weed - Useful Plant
That’s what we all learned: weeds are a nuisance and not useful - useful plants are… useful. Is that so? What about tasty dandelion salad or a weed which might trigger a revolution in the generation of electrical energy in a number of years? Or look at the - useful - agricultural crop maize. The way it is currently “applied“ does more harm to the globe than helping us.

It is important to refrain from putting everything in simple boxes, but rather to identify values and risks and to work on that basis - that is what we do.